Monday, 1 June 2009

Ahhh, I so can't wait for this to be over, 4 more dreadful weeks to go and I'll be officially done with my degree for good. While I'm supposed to be really busy with my FYP i.e. final year project, I seem to always find excuses to procrastinate (as usual). Still deciding and thinking of where to go when dad and brother visits London in end June. Suggestions anyone? :D Might visit New York as well in July, but will see if my parents permit after the swine flu outbreak :( I had already thought about this since ages, but the flu just HAD to spoil everything. I guess luck's just not on my side for this.

Really excited for the end of term when I could just be free from work and go on a holiday. How is it not possible to get distracted when you see people chilling out in hot, bright sun with a backpack and sunnies while you're stuck with work? (or at least, forced to do work in an attempt to convince myself that I shouldn't go out too much because my next supervision is just days away) Sighh! At least, I guess there's still something to look forward to in a few weeks :D

Saturday, 2 May 2009

You know it is really pointless to study so much..

when Prof Naylor sets the exam paper. After several awful, sleepless nights, when the amount of effort you put in should really earn you a good grade, you know the hope is long gone after you've sat for the paper. Four more papers to go, just 4 more and I will be done with my undergraduate papers!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dead blog?

This blog is pretty much er...dead lol! Some would probably think I've disappeared from the face of earth. I remembered (when I started this blog in 1st year) that I wanted it to narrate my entire university life experience, for me to relate and appreciate the good times (and bad) after several years down the road. It seems like that's not happening now :) I almost forgot that this even existed! =.=

Anyway, now that I remember this actually exists, I'll probably blog a little more when I feel like it hahahaha =) ciaoz for now! Hear from me sooon, hopefully.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Happy 20th Birthday!

Just so you're wondering, n0,he didn't write this post. I manage to sneak into his blogger account :P And if you're a loyal reader of this blog you should know who is blogging on behalf of the just-turned-20-year-old guy.

Anyway, I would like to wish Mr Lee all the best in his future undertakings, and may all his dreams come true. You guys can send your wishes too. Do leave comments, and tell him how wonderful it is to have someone like him around ;)

The birthday boy

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Greetings from Barcelona

Hola! For those who really still have the patience to visit my blog consistently; waiting patiently for me to post, stay tune and I´ll promise a post in the next couple of days.

Pictures/Updates real soon!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Delayed American Idol post

**Note: This post will be very boring if you're not keen on/don't watch AI**

American Idol Season 7 winner

Lol, I thought this picture looks rather gay but anyway, finally! The Americans did the right thing by choosing the person who deserved to win. Screwing up in the finals and not getting good comments from the judges should not be the main deciding factor. Too bad for Archuleta. You have an amazing vocal (no doubt) and I do think that you have a bright future ahead of you; but Cook's definitely a better bet. Between an excellent performer or a singer, which is your pick? =)

Anyway, that's right. Another season has passed and AI always impresses me with the quality of its contestants. Don't even compare it with our very own Malaysian Idol or Akademi Fantasia or Asian Idol? Haha. What a joke. This reminds me of my internship period in Astro last year. My friends thought I was crazy and ignorant for not knowing who Mawi is, and this famous Malay guy who appears in Astro very often. I forgot his name! Again.

Anyway, back to AI. If I were to pick a winner for all seasons, it will be:

Season 1: Kelly Clarkson
Season 2: Clay Aiken [Ruben Studdard won]
Season 3: Fantasia Barrino
Season 4: Carrie Underwood
Season 5: Chris Daughtry [Taylor Hicks won]
Season 6: Melinda Doolittle [Jordin Sparks won]
Season 7: David Cook

My favorite used to be Kelly Clarkson until Carrie Underwood won Season 4. Till now, I can't find anyone to replace her, yet. Since AI, she made country music really famous especially to people like me, who don't listen to country songs. Anyway, for those of you who's interested to listen to their wonderful songs, here are some suggestions:

Kelly Clarkson:
Because of You (favorite)
Since You've been Gone
Behind These Hazel Eyes

Fantasia Barrino:
I Believe? lol.

Carrie Underwood:
Before He Cheats (favorite)
Wasted (very nice also)
I'll Stand by you (favorite)
Last Name
So Small
Jesus take the Wheel

Chris Daughtry:
Over You

Taylor Hicks:
Do I Make you Proud

Jordin Sparks:
Broken Wing! (favorite)
This is My Now

David Cook:
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Most of Carrie's and Kelly's songs are nice. So yes, download them! and, tell me if it's nice or if we share the same taste for songs. Perhaps, can start exchanging some (Really gotta update my iPod. Getting bored of the same ol' songs).

For those who like emo songs, here's 2 songs I really like:

I'll Stand by You by Carrie on "Idols Give Back"

Do I make You Proud by Taylor Hicks

Not that I'm emo, but I guess it's exam period now and these songs best describe what I'm feeling at this point of time =.=

Okay, back to pipelines and cache memory! Exam spree starts in 2 days!! Need strength and luck really badly, to survive.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I'm actually hoping that time would pass faster so that I can finally watch the finals of AI and then result and get over with it once and for all (instead of getting it stuck at my head; pondering about who will clinch the title). However, the other part of me always hope that there is really more time to study! :( What if I don't pass 2nd year? Howw?? Exam starts in exactly a WEEK! :(

Life sucks for now. My daily routine is really screwed up and unhealthy. Weird sleeping hours and awful eating habits coupled with stress can really make one go crazy. Especially at this point of time. How not to go insane with an exam time-table like this:

27/5: Computer Architecture

29/5: Control Engineering
2/6: Digital Electronics 2
4/6: Maths 3
5/6: Maths 4
9/6: Communications 2
11/6: Signals and Systems
13/6: Software Engineering
16/6: Fields and Devices
17/6: Power
19/6: Analogue Electronics 2

If only I did not do things this last minute and had a better time management...

Why do I always ALWAYS do this! Some things just don't change!!!! =(